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Places listed in SC Hauntings require permission to visit or investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities & trespassers will be prosecuted.

Hartsville - Coker College - Memorial Hall - Coker College has a ghost that roams the halls of one of the dorms. It is said that the spirit is of a girl who hanged herself in an elevator shaft. College students have heard strange and disturbing noises during the night. Alarm clocks will come on in the middle of the night, and radios will cut off without anyone touching them. The elevator Shaft has since been made into a stairwell.

Hartsville - Old Man Joe'sIt is known that Joe was ridding down the dirt road and was trying to light his pipe but dropped his lighter. He leaned over to pick it up and ran off the road. He then crashed into the creek and the impact killed him. When you visit him you roll the windows up, lock the doors, and put the keys on the hood. (everyone has to get out the car) strike your lighter 3 times saying "Old Man Joe I got a light for your pipe!" (you repeat the saying 3 times) After the 3rd time you will hear him running through the water toward you.

Hartsville - Lincoln Village - It has said to be a cemetery under some apartments. Late at night whenever you come home by yourself you can hear strange sounds of babies crying and people begging for help. It is said to be a very spooky place. - December 2006 Update: There is an old graveyard next to the apartment complex. If you go to the northwest corner of the complex there is a wooded area. The overgrown graves are in the woods about thirty feet back. The graves are sunken and ground is soft. Some of the graves have holes of an unknown depth around them. The apartment complex itself is abandoned and in great disrepair. Be cautious, the neighborhood is one of the rougher ones. The city police frequent the complex and may consider any vehicle parked in the complex to be suspicious. As police are typically inquisitive, you may get a police escort to the graveyard if ask the right cop at the right time. to find the complex go from 5th street in Hartsville onto Washington street. Just after you pass the RR tracks turn right onto 8th street. The complex looms on the right about one-tenth of a mile down.

Hartsville - Mexican slaughter house - Old white torn down house, no electricity. Drive out there late at night and you'll see a light on and you can hear people talking. Then you can hear screams and people running out of the house.

Hartsville - Prospect Church - There is an old church located on Prospect Road. The name of the Church is Prospect Church. They say that on certain full moon nights, you can park your vehicle at the very last park on the right side of the church and you can see a man moving the curtains as if in a struggle from the last window on the second story.

Hilda - Main Street - There have been times that a train has been heard late nights and early in the morning.The horn of the train is very clear and you can hear the engine running along with the sound of the train going down the tracks.The railroad was pulled up several years ago.

Hilton Head Island - Baynard Plantation - William Baynard's funeral procession can be seen passing by the ruins of the home and his tomb.

Hilton Head Island - The Old Lighthouse - The ghost of a young girl named Caroline (commonly known as The Blue Lady) haunts this lighthouse where she died during the hurricane of 1898. The Blue Lady is most reported during the hurricane seasons. People say they 've gone or rode by the Old Lighthouse and would hear a women sobbing.

Honey Hill - The Fort - This is an old Civil War fort that is said to be haunted by soldiers from that era. Legend states that on certain nights you can hear the battle between Confederate and Union soldiers. The hauntings include the firing of cannons, guns going off, and men screaming as they fight.

Iva - Iva cemetery - if you pass the cemetery on foot at sun down and look behind you. you can see an old man and then you look back and he is gone.

Kershaw county - Mt. Pisgah Baptist church - Feelings of not being alone, sounds of being followed, footsteps on the 2nd floor, children laughing and playing, someone standing in the balcony have all been reported.

Kiawah - Kiawah Island - A 19th century plantation existed on this island and during a stay in 2002 in one of the homes on the island, one witness got the distinct impression that the spirit of a small boy,(who might have died while wandering away into the interior of the island looking for his cat) was seen (along with the ghost of a cat) running though the house and through walls. Some further research might be warranted to determine if any deaths are associated with the plantation on this island.

Lamar - Lamar High School - The gym at Lamar High School is haunted by a female basketball player who was killed in a terrible car accident. She died on the night of the final basketball game. After the girl's death, her jersey and locker were never used again. Legend states that on the anniversary of her death you can see the girl's spirit playing basketball in the gym.

Lamar - School Church - This is an old school that was also used as a Church. Many years ago, it is believed that the teacher and several children were infected with a deadly virus. The place is said to be haunted by the children and teacher that died in the building while under quarantine.

Lancaster - Farm - Mattresses moving, orbs & ecto type mist in pictures and home movies. One woman was attacked by unseen hands as it tried to choke her leaving marks on her neck.

Lancaster - Gregory Graveyard - Its an old graveyard from the late 1600s to the early 1700s. You can go there any time of day and hear sounds of children laughing and playing, you can also hear a reverend saying words over a grave or something. When your coming back from the graves there will be a path to the left that wasn’t there before if you walk down it you might see figures or faces.  It’s on 903 on the right coming from Lancaster town. you’ll pass a come to a turn off on the right just before a gas station keep going straight and threes a drive way that looks like a place just to turn a round there’s a gate that stops you. If you go there on Halloween night just about mid night the path is supposedly to glow a bright neon green.  And its best to go with a group.

Lancaster - Taxahaw - Forty Acre Rock - The legend is told you can start walking in the cave at dusk, it looks like its only fifteen or twenty feet deep but you can walk in about ten or twelve feet and see red eyes but no one has  never been deeper than that, but it is told that you can walk about 2 miles before getting to the end, and it will come out at big creek (Lynches River).

Lancaster County - Hwy521 - Devil's Stomping Ground - This area is kind of similar to a crop circle, as it is a circular area in a field in which there is no life, no plants grow in this circle and not so much as an ant or earthworm can be found within. The story is that it served as an execution site for the Waxaw and Catawba Indians. Evil Spirits were said to have frequented the site to collect the condemned souls of the executed. The consistent feature of this site is an overwhelming feeling of dread, despair and nausea to anyone who stands in the circle and takes a minute to clear their mind.

Laurens - Ghost Creek Rd - Legend has it that a couple was engaged many years ago.  On the night of their wedding, the young man died in a car crash on this bridge.  If you turn your car off and walk around clockwise it will not start.  There will be a white apparition in the trees.  The local newspaper has done many stories on this.

Leesville - Hangmans Tree - Tree that was used to hang slaves. They say that if you drive around the tree three times with no headlights on and then cut your lights on then you can see the ghost of a young man hanging from the tree

Lexington - Lexington high school - September 2005 update: The Director of School/Community Relations in Lexington County School District 1 reports there has never been a death at this school. - there was a girl in the Lexington’s high school gym locker room who had been choked to death in the showers and when you go by yourself you van hear the gym lockers bang and the shower doors clanging.  January 2008 update:  Lauren B... i attend lexington high school and was reading your story...there arent any shower doors in the old gym? and theres no place where the hinges would have been...?

Lockhart - Lockhart Water Tower - This is the legendary story of the lady in white who jumped off the tower in the early 1900's.  It has been said and seen that a woman wearing a white dress with a rose in her mouth stands and guards the water tower.  She has been known to come out only at 12:00 midnight to show off her lovely white dress and to dance around the tower.

Lockhart - Sleepy Hollow Rd. - It has been known that, ever night around midnight, a civil war soldier, with his arm cut off, stands on the side of the road, crying out for help.

Long Creek - Grape Vine - when ya go there and are alone you build a fire and after a couple of hours you will feel like you are being watched and then you will see things out the corner of your eye a white glow. When you pack up and leave as soon as you get out of there and come to the first stop sign you will go across and see a Methodist church you stop put it in reverse and look in the grave yard and then put it into drive and you will see something glowing and look at you as you pass. after that you will see visions of many people dieing and getting killed. Young girls, boys, old men, old ladies, all and see where they are killed and you will get names how they was killed.. go on 1/20 and be there between 10 and 3 build a fire camp and the start to leave. you also will act different not like yourself...MAYBE like the ones who was killed.

Lyman - Lyman Lake - They say back in the old days around Lyman lake that there was a party there and a girl got raped and killed down there. If you go out there around like 12:00 at night you can hear a girl screaming and sometimes (very rare though) you can see a faint glowing light over in the trees.

Manning - Manning Cemetery - Dead Mans Curve - On the side of the road in dead mans curve you can see an old ghost like figure sitting in a rocking chair on certain nights, when the moon is right. It is believed by many that the mans son was ran over and killed in the curve, so he sat there waiting on the driver of the car who killed his son until he died, but his spirit lives on and still waits on the driver.

Mauldin - NHC - NHC is a care facility for the elderly. So apparently many of elderly folks have passed away at this facility. One night while workers were on night shift one of the staff saw a ghostly white woman that had just passed away the night before walking down the hall in a white gown. She kept quiet thinking the nurses would think differently of her until the nurse went in her old room to give her roommate her meds and went to throw the cups in the trash and the trash can moved half way across the room. Then she went back to the nurse's desk in half a breath and saw her coming down the hall. The nurse then decided to ask the aide if she saw that and the aide decided to tell her what happened 10min. before that. They insisted on warning the morning staff when they arrived.

McCormick - Badwell Cemetery - This is a cemetery that is very old (several hundred years) it is the place of burial for French Heugonaut settlers. Old stone blocks surround the cemetery, and the gate was iron with the grim reaper on the front. There have been numerous sightings of a troll walking the perimeter. The gate is no longer on the entrance, due to theft. There have been many strange occurrences at the site by young and old alike.

McCormick - The Old Mill - It is said that if you walk past the mill at night and look in the windows you will see faces of people that have died in the mill and fell like your being followed.

Moncks Corner - Strawberry Chapel - It is said to be haunted by a young girl who was chained to a tombstone there by her father.

Mount Pleasant - Easter Sunday Church - The story goes like this: Back during the Civil War the locals would attend Church every Sunday of course. This Church was a place that was going to be targeted for "destruction". With people attending inside the Yankees had surrounded the Church and open fired, murdering all who were inside. Years and decades later some of the locals would try and paint or wallpaper over the said blood stains and within a day the paint or wallpaper would have the blood stains seep back out.

Murrells Inlet - Hermitage - Alice’s grave - the hermitage is not an inn.  It is Alice’s house.  When Alice was young, she was engaged to a guy but her brother didn’t approve.  When she got sick, he threw her ring into the marsh.  Then she died.  If you go to her grave, which is just a flat stone, flush with the ground, with just her name "Alice" on it, walk around (possibly 8 times, your ring will feel a pull on it. 

Myrtle Beach - Myrtle Beach - There believed to be a haunting of a boy who drowned in the ocean on Myrtle Beach.  People could not here his screams because of the tide that day.  Most people say you can see him swimming standing in the water with a blank stare, and others say if you are very quiet you can her his scream at the tide.  

Myrtle Beach - North Myrtle Beach - Ocean Pier One - Strange electrical problems, doors locking from the inside, items disappearing and appearing in spots that had just be straightened up or cleaned.

Newberry - Newberry College - Keller Hall - The bell tower of this old and no longer used building is said to be haunted by a young woman who, during the Civil War, committed suicide by jumping out of the bell tower when she got the news of her boyfriend's death in battle. There have been reports over the years of screams being heard in the area and also of actual sightings of the woman herself up in the bell tower, watching from above.

Newberry - Newberry College - Kinard Hall - A ghost is said to haunt the 2nd floor of Newberry's Kinard Hall dormitory.  Residents have reported water faucets turning on by themselves, cabinets and drawers that suddenly apen by themselves, as well as windows in some room which will open by themselves.

Newberry - Old Buncombe Rd. - a ghost of a very white dog haunts this road and frightens anyone who comes through here.

Newberry - Flag Lake - It's out in the middle of nowhere. Its not really a lake, but one was supposed to be there. The construction workers must have been scared off because of these strange things. On the hill there is a cemetery where something is defiantly wrong. There is a long row of gravestones that all say the people committed suicide. (Twenty years ago) witnesses report they were out there with their girlfriends. They were in an older truck that didn't have any problems. They said that the area around got as bright as the light of day and they suddenly had the feeling that something didn't want them there. The driver wound the starter almost completely off that truck trying to get out of there and after the light went away the truck started right up.

Newberry - West End Cemetery - The Bride Of West End - on certain nights you can see the dreary form of a lady in a wedding dress sitting in the trees, standing by her grave, or roaming the fields next to the cemetery. She is said to be waiting on her star-crossed lover to come and pick her up to go to their wedding.

Parris island - Marine Corps Recruit Depot - Old Barracks (Rifle Range) - There have been many murders and suicides by recruits on the rifle range. This area is also swampland and there was a partial platoon that got stranded and drowned in the quicksand on the banks of the swampland after they were forced marched into it by a Drill Instructor. I believe this accounts for the constant manifestations in the old barracks (Recruit Living quarters) there have been several Ghost sightings, moaning sounds, and bathroom stall doors flying open or slamming close and faucets that turn on and toilets that flush by themselves. This is something that is common knowledge to most Parris Island Marines but is not widely known to the public.

Pawley's Island - The gray man who comes to warn residents of an impending disaster such as a hurricane. If you see him, your residence will be spared!

Pawley's Island - All Saints Episcopal Church - Alice of the Hermitage is said to have been seen haunting her gravesite.

Pawley's Island - Pelican Inn - An old woman used to live here and take care of the Inn...she had two Boston terrier dogs that used to play in the surf. One day there was a little kid who swam out to far and one of the dog went out to get him...brought him back in and saved the boys life. The dog got sick and soon passed away. The other dog was heartbroken that he had lost his playmate. The dog soon died and now the two dogs can be heard or sometimes seen when the sun goes down on the beach.

Pawley's Island - Murrell - All Saint's Episcopal Cemetery - Alice of the Hermitage is buried here.  A flat gravestone with just the name ALICE is located beneath a huge oak.  Legend has it if you walk around her grave 13 times backwards and call her name twice she will come out over the old brick wall at the back of the cemetery. She is looking for her engagement ring that was lost in a creek. It is said women can feel her tugging on their wedding rings when they visit her grave.  She can also be caught on film.  Also you can smell strong, sweet flowers in the cemetery, when there are no flower shrubs only green bushes.

Pawley's Island - on the beach - it's said that a long time ago, a little boy was searching for crabs to feed his family. he went out into the shallows. when he stuck his hand in one of the holes, it got stuck. as the tide rose, the boy drowned. to this day, one can hear the bot begging for help.

Plantersville - Plantersville church - it is said that when this place was being built a man fell off and cursed while he was falling and on a rainy and foggy night if you are walking by or your car quits you can someone falling and cursing

Pickens - Pickens City Museum - In the old Police hall (currently the museum) in the living quarters the first sheriffs family lived there. The mother died of typhoid or some disease acquired from the family well. The mother of the family supposedly haunts the semi-circular tower that is on the right side of the building-you can see her in the second story window usually after 11 and most often during a full moon.

Pickens - Pickens County Museum - It was once a jail in the early 1800s. Many people died there and they say you can see some ghostly figures and hear some moaning during the night.

Poinsett Bridge - Old Hwy 25 North - Northern Greenville County near the state line. Old rock bridge that used to be the only roadway between Greenville and Asheville. The bridge is closed to auto traffic but is road side and accessible by fogt. Rumor has it that a slave was once hung under the bridge and his ghost still haunts it. Several of the locals say that they have been unable to start their cars when they got ready to leave. Several locals also report that they hear a loud scream when the light gets to them.

Powdersville - Three Bridges Road - Eloise was a slave during the civil war; Powdersville is noted for being the are where confederate soldiers kept the gunpowder. Union soldiers killed Eloise’s master as they traveled through Powdersville on their way to battle; distraught by his death she stayed with her master where the union soldiers killed her. Several witnesses have seen the apparition of Eloise along three bridges road along with the eerie sounds of her screams.